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100% Happy Guarantee

I like all of my customers to be 100% satisfied with my work. There is no point producing artwork that has cost you money and ends up living in a drawer.  You will be provided with various choices and ample opportunity to make style changes throughout the proofing process.  Any order can be changed right up until your artwork goes to print.


What images do I need to send

  • Pet photos need to include head and body in full i.e. no ears cropped off etc.

  • Natural daylight is preferable.  Try to keep the sun behind you as it will cast shadows over your subject and you will lose detail.

  • No filters please.

  • You do not need a professional picture. Phone pictures are fine as long as it provides a clear image.

  • A photo of the wall where the artwork will be placed in your home will help in the proofing process.

  • If you don't have any idea of how you see your final artwork, send me some photographs of your pet along with images of things you like in your home so I have an idea of your style preferences.  I'll come up with some ideas and we'll start from there.

Group Artwork

  • The good news is that you do not have to photograph your subjects together!  Just ensure you have good quality images as described above, for each of your subjects, and forward them all together.

If you have a photo but are unsure whether it is of sufficient quality, you can always email me at

Payment Options

If you would prefer to pay for your portrait in installments, please get in touch.  The total payment may be spread over six months if required.  You will be invoiced for an initial deposit of 25% due immediately, with the remainder due date set up to 6 months into the future.  You may then pay off any amount you wish during that time.  Provided as a complimentary service and at the discretion of the business.

Payment Options
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